Food for Living

WellFed was set up by chef Dave Critchley to help feed communities in Liverpool affected by poverty. Through donations from incredibly kind and generous people and businesses, WellFed has been able to provide meals for thousands.

We have worked with local authorities to provide family boxes, to help make sure that children, young adults and vulnerable adults have access to meals. We supply the ingredients, cooking instructions, and educational food material to help those who can do with a helping hand.


WellFed works with Housing Associations, Community Groups, Companies, Charities and Individuals to bring nutritious and educational food boxes to a wide range of people in our communities.

Helping Educate and Nourish our Communities

Healthy Boxes

Our Food Boxes are delivered to our communities that are filled with recipes you love, and ingredients that nourish.

Educating Boxes

Our Boxes help show people how to cook great and healthy food with ingredients required and instructions that are easy to follow.

Loving Boxes

Our Boxes bring families, friends and communities together and help build connections and skills for life.