Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


  • Information about allergens will be contained in the supplied literature, further information is available upon request.


  • Boxes are compiled using ingredients that are readily available, from time to time we have the right to change ingredients as appropriate. This will be communicated with you with as much notice as possible.


  • All packaging where is practicably possible is recyclable.



  • Orders are subject to a minimum order of 50 boxes.


  • WellFed food choices are offered are from a pre-planned menu. Changes to the offer or bespoke boxes can be made upon request.  Minimum volume of 100 boxes per food choice will be required plus a minimum of 21 days before delivery to allow for new cooking instructions and printed materials.


  • All orders for food being delivered or collected must be agreed at least 10 working days prior to delivery.


  • Dietary requirements will be considered upon request, such changes must be raised within 5 working days of delivery. We hold the right to refuse requests to change box content and dish specifications.


  • Payment for boxes must be made in full prior to the boxes being distributed.



  • All enquiries about deliveries on the allocated day must be made via telephone to the number given to you for this purpose.


  • Enquiries from the box recipients must be made in the first instance to the organiser (usually the person who places the order with WellFed), who should then contact WellFed on the number given to them.


  • Any complaints or concerns from groups or box recipients must be made in writing to info@wellfedbox.co.uk. Once we acknowledge the concern, we will investigate and advise accordingly.



  • Delivery costs will apply for all orders, unless you collect from us on a single date at a single time.


  • To receive your boxes you may request collection from us, individual deliveries to customers, or a single delivery to one location, allowing you to distribute accordingly. Deliveries to a single or multiple addresses will incur additional charges on the ordering invoice.


  • Prices as follows:
    National delivery to one address £12 (per box)
    Local delivery to Liverpool City Region £5 (per household delivery)
    Delivery of all boxes to one Liverpool City Region location £50 (per delivery)
    Collection from Lu Ban Restaurant at an agreed date and time £0


  • All delivery times agreed are approximate, we cannot legislate for delays caused by traffic, weather or late supplies to WellFed.


  • Collection from WellFed  is possible from the collection point in Cains Brewery Village (L8) and an agreed time. This service is free of charge. Should the boxes not be collected at the agreed time or collected at all, charges will apply to cover our cost of staffing any new time for collection. All box charges will still apply for items not collected.


  • For multiple household deliveries if the customer doesn’t answer the door for the delivery, the box will be left at the most suitable nearby location (or outside the door if no other location is available) and will then be the property and responsibility of the customer. It will not be returned to us and re-delivery is not possible.


  • Single location delivery will be at an agreed day, time and location. The cost of this will be determined by the distance travelled by the courier or driver, and the number of boxes (except for single location deliveries in the Liverpool City Region where the cost of single location delivery is set at £50 per delivery).



  • WellFed accepts no responsibility whatsoever for injuries caused relating to the preparation and cooking of food.


  • No refunds will be given for ordered boxes under any circumstances with less than 5 working days' notice.



  • The WellFed branding and logo remains the property of WellFed. Our permission is required prior to use on any literature.


  • WellFed reserves the right to add terms and conditions from time to time. Any changes affecting current orders will be advised to the customer and resulting options provided.

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